WRITER, DIRECTOR_Girish Joshi _ _ SET_Pradeep Muley _ _ LIGHTS_Anil Takalkar _ _ SOUND_Rochan Ganu _
COSTUMES_Geeta Godbole _ _ PRODUCTION CONTROL_ Harshad Rajpathak, Tejas Dongre _ _ POSTER_Meera Velankar STAGE MANAGER_Swapnil Gosavi _
CAST_Girish Joshi, Mugdha Godbole _

Maharashtra Culturel Center Production _

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Play Synopsis

In his remarkably glorious career this extremely talented and successful film director has achieved many a award and accolade. Having done that now he has to deal with the changing times and the fear of being outdated.

She happens to be an outright commercial actress with tremendous fan following. Having earned a lot of money and commercial success now she is in search of something that will give her satisfaction in her job.

A screen play narration sitting has been arranged between these two diametrically opposite human beings by the producer of the film. To great annoyance of the director, the producer has insisted that the star has to be a part of the film to make it commercially viable.

The actress is completely in awe of this yesteryear successful director and would almost do anything to be a part of his ambitious project. Whereas, for reasons unknown, the director does not want to work with her and is absolutely apprehensive about her abilities to portray his painfully designed complicated character. 

As the narration progresses both of them develop grudges against each other but both of them are almost forced to somehow take the narration further and had to make the film take shape.

The conflict takes place internally as well as externally. The future of both these characters indirectly depends upon the outcome of this sitting. If and how do they decide to work together, do they ever find themselves  truly comfortable with the idea of working with each other and beyond all this do they identify what they really want is for the audience to see…